Stellar Nomad (Demo Coming Soon)

Stellar Nomad is a top-down space sandbox/RPG. The player will be able to build fleets, join and create factions, and explore an exciting and sometimes unpredictable galaxy. Stellar Nomad is Imaginary Robot's first indie game, with release of the demo planned in early 2019.



Imaginary Robot is an indie dev studio just outside of Boulder, CO; as a solo dev, I have glamorous dev space set up in my basement (some of you may recognize this space from my recently launched Twitch channel). I work for a game studio that I love in San Francisco, and have been developing some ideas of my own on nights and weekends over the past few years. I get a little help on the business administration side from my wife, but otherwise it is a pretty lean operation.

I love video games, and am so excited to be getting close to the release of my first project, which I've been working on iterations of over the past few years. Please reach out with any questions - we'd love to hear from you.




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